Video Production Services

Whether it's short clip meant for social media or a larger scale project, let our video
production service breathe new life to interesting stries, event and more. Our
dynamic style and unique story telling angles ensure that the videos are not only
entertaining, but memrable and impact as well.

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From concept to design, we create short animations that are effective branding tools. Given animation's shorter run, we are able visually communicate a brand's character quickly, without compromising on entertainment value.


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Personality Profiles

We uncover the narrative of a personality through dynamic storytelling. We ensure that our videos are not entertaining, but memorable and impactful too.

interview with Swatch's collaboration artist

Brand Story

We breathe life to brand stories by covering various angles - from a brand's origin and concept to the end product. Today, brands aim to show more than just a finished product, but the journey behind it as well.

kisetsu wallets

Event Coverage

We broaden the scope of event coverage not only through capturing significiant moments, but also recording the authentic emotions to give viewers a richer experience.

Onitsuka Tiger's 50th anniversary

Launch event of JUL X Swatch

ICNY at ION Orchard

Attagirl 3rd anniversary in partnership with LEVI'S